Do you ever feel

Like no matter what you do, it's never enough? Like you are never quite enough as you are?

But maybe if you just work hard enough or long enough you can make yourself enough?

Maybe you can fix all the brokenness inside of you. All the things that make you not enough. That make you unacceptable. That make you unlovable.

Maybe if you can say all the right things or do all the right things or feel all the right things all the time, then people would accept you. Then people would love you.

Maybe if you just accomplish enough at your job or at home or at school or wherever, then you will be enough.

Then you can have what you want. What you really want. What you've wanted all along.

Love and acceptance.

To rest in the knowledge that there is nothing more you need to do or be to earn....anything.

You're tired, aren't you? Deep down, just tired of that pressure to be more and do more?

and you just
want to rest.
to be enough now,
and rest

I know how that feels.

It's exhausting. Crushing. Suffocating.

Day after day, little by little, the weight is always there. The pressure. To be more. And do more. So that someday we can find the happiness we don't have now.

"I know I don't feel happy right now, but once I get done with school I will be able to rest and then I'll be happy."

"Once I get a better job, then I'll be happy."

"When I find that special someone and I'm not alone anymore, then I'll be happy."

Happiness is always somewhere out there.

"Until you give
up the idea
that happiness is
somewhere else,
it will never be
where you are"
-Robert Holden

The truth is, the sneaky little secret is, you will never earn your way to happiness or love or acceptance because there is nothing to earn.

It's already there! It was there all along!

The reason that you don't feel like enough isn't because you are lacking something or doing something wrong. The reason that you don't feel like enough is simply because you believe you aren't enough.

And no amount of working or improving will ever force you to feel like enough.

It requires a change in mindset now. First. Before you achieve whatever standard you set for yourself or society set for you.

The truth is that
you are enough now.
right in this moment.
in every moment.

You don't have to wait until you are different or better or more before you can have all the things you want in life.

Read that again.

You can have what you are putting off, what you think is out there for you someday, and you can have it today. Now.

You don't have to become perfectly healthy or work through all your issues before you can have a beautiful love. You don't have to wait until you work long enough or hard enough to succeed financially.

You don't have to wait until you have exhausted yourself enough before you will deserve success.

Before you can rest.

Because of grace.

Grace is a gift we have not earned. And it allows us to have the love, the acceptance, the financial success, the connection that we want before we have done "enough" or become "enough".

Let me convince you
that you are enough

My name is Josh Putnam and I have struggled with anxiety and depression for most of my life.

About 8 years ago I set out on a journey to find the cause of my struggles and to find healing. I've learned a lot. And improved a lot.

It was my dream to be able to find the "cure" to mental illness and share that with the world. To help others who struggle.

What I found was a complicated web of causal factors. Everyone is a little different and things get messy pretty quickly.

But there was one thing that I have found to be almost universal in so many others, and not just with mental illness.

It seems to me that so many people harbor this poisonous belief that they are never enough. Never good enough. That they never do enough.

And we just constantly chase enough. Exhausting ourselves until we collapse, figuratively and sometimes literally, in a heap of overwhelm.

It was one day last year as I was coming out of some depression that I decided I wanted to write a little book to create connection and hope and support.

To try to change that belief in people.

I started by just writing to myself. What did I want to hear? What did I struggle with? What did I wish someone would tell me? I mean, deep down, underneath it all, what did I need to hear?

And the message was pretty simple:

You are enough.
Now and always.

You can rest. You can stop chasing. Stop trying to be more to be enough.

Not that improvement isn't good or important. But that will come. I promise that will come as you start believing that you are already enough.


Improvement and becoming our best comes naturally when we are filled. When we are coming from a place of abundance rather than scarcity and lack.

You don't have to be more or better to be loved. Right now. You don't have to be healthier or happier. You don't have to achieve more. You don't have to work harder or longer.

You just have to let go and rest.

And trust. That you are now, that you always have been, and that you always will be, enough.

Please grab a copy of my book and let me convince you of that. It's a quick read. Maybe 5 or 10 minutes. Short and sweet so you can read it anytime you need a reminder.


I wrote it in my most vulnerable, sincere, and emotional language. I wrote it from my heart. As a person who has struggled to feel enough. Meant to go straight to the heart of all others who feel like they aren't enough. To others who are tired of chasing.

To those who just want rest.

I promise you that you can rest now. Rest in the knowledge that you are always enough.

With Love,

Josh Putnam




WHEN YOU forget

how much you matter.

you are enough

But sometimes you

need a reminder –

2020 A Real Human Being